Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello All:

Please review what God has allowed me to do and to share with you. Even though the holiday cards below are those that I have previously made in others years for Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons, they are some that can give you an idea how your very own handmade cards could look. However, should you want to make these cards or have them made for you or desire to see additional holiday cards, please contact me immediately and I will share with you how we can make that happen (Divinelydesigned06@sbcglobal.net). All of these cards can be made as invitations, note cards, birthday, anniversary, dinner parties, get well wishes, etc. in various colors by just changing colors, stamp set and/or the wording. So, if you would like to discuss further or would be interested in attending my workshops and learn how to make these beautiful cards or scrapbook pages, please email me. Thank You for Viewing and Be Blessed!!!